ERTEK PROJECTS [Web Projects of the Ertek Family]

Prof. Tümay Ertek

Prof. Tümay Ertek [Professor of Economics, 1938-2011, Alumni of METU and University of Wisconsin]

Temel Ekonomi [Popular economics textbook authored by Prof. Tumay Ertek.]

Assoc. Prof. Gürdal Ertek

Dr. Gürdal Ertek [Associate Professor of Management, Alumni of Bogazici University and Georgia Institute of Technology]

Dr. Gürdal Ertek's Publications [Research publications of Dr. Gürdal Ertek, with abstracts and downloadable draft papers.]

Research and Data on Wind Turbine Accidents [Website dedicated to research and data on wind turbine accidents.]

Online Training by Dr. Ertek and Colleagues [A collection of modules for self-development of business professionals.]

Open Decisions [Open source software projects of Dr. Gürdal Ertek and Colleagues.]

Dr. Gürdal Ertek's Twitter Page

Dr. Gürdal Ertek's LinkedIn Home Page

Gürdal Ertek's Music [Music composed by Dr. Gürdal Ertek, freely available as an online SoundCloud album]

Blogs in the Turkish Language [Dr. Gürdal Ertek's blog on data science, one of the rare blogs in the Turkish language on the topic] [Dr. Gürdal Ertek's blog on education and living internationally] [Dr. Gürdal Ertek's blog on motivating university students, only blog in the Turkish language on the topic]