MODULE 75 – Concept Mapping Video Tutorial (contributed by Berk Bagatur)

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MODULE 75 - Concept Mapping Video Tutorial (contributed by Berk Bagatur)


Concept mapping is a technical method for representing knowledge in graphs. The MODULE 75 Concept Mapping Video Tutorial explains in details about the perception of Concept Mapping.

Concept Making-a brief sketch:

Concept making involves representing any data or knowledge in pictorial diagrams such as graphs. Knowledge graphs are networks of concepts. Networks are edged by two nodes and links. The nodes represent concepts and the links represent the relations between concepts. Concepts and links are sometimes labeled. Links can be non-, uni- or bi-directional. Concepts and links may be categorized, they can be simply associative, specified or divided in categories such as causal or temporal relations. The concept mapping technique was developed by Prof. Joseph D. Novak at Cornell University in the 1960s. This work was based on the theories of David Ausubel, who stressed the importance of prior knowledge in being able to learn about new concepts. The module elaborates the concept of Concept Making, providing you a better understanding of the technique.

Concept mapping can be done for several purposes

  • To generate ideas (brain storming, etc.)
  • To design a complex structure (long texts, hypermedia, large web sites, etc.)
  • To communicate complex ideas
  • To aid learning by explicitly integrating new and old knowledge
  • To assess understanding or diagnose misunderstanding

Download this Module [14MB]

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