MODULE 78 – Warehouse Management Educational Materials (contributed by Team)

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MODULE 78 - Warehouse Management Educational Materials (contributed by Team)


Warehouse management is the discipline of supervising the receiving, handling, storing, moving, packaging, and distribution of materials in and around the warehouse. MODULE 78 Warehouse Management Educational Materials presents educational materials regarding the entire discipline of warehouse management.

Why MODULE 78 Warehouse Management?

The term warehouse management is linked to accounting systems, transportation management, light manufacturing, and order manufacturing- in addition to the traditional role of storage and delivery. Warehouse management systems (WMS) help to increase accuracy by cutting down the cost of labor and achieving greater ability to serve the consumers.

Various developed enterprises have come up with adept solutions in the field of warehouse management, and one such aspect is the Warehouse management software. These institutions provide the software for development solutions that help manufacturing and distribution industries. Warehouse Management Software systems are extremely complex and data intensive. In fact, the higher-end systems may include tracking and routing technologies such as Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, and even voice recognition.

The educational materials in this module cover some of the complexities and help you understand warehouse management better. Providing you with a better insight about warehouse management, these modules enhance your knowledge in the field.

Download this Module [20MB]

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