CET 2018 Dubai

Dear Visitor,

This website is dedicated to my presentation at CET 2018 Dubai, one of the biggest events in the Middle East focusing on Customer Engagement Technology.

Here is my  presentation [3MB] for CET 2018:  CET_2018_Dubai_Dr_Gurdal_Ertek.pdf

And here is a single zip file [96MB] that contains all the files related to my presentation, including the presentation itself, the data files, and screenshots that show how to conduct Lessons 1 through 4:   CET_2018_Dubai_Dr_Gurdal_Ertek_ALL_FILES.zip

You can use these files for your own personal use and distribute as is. Modifications are not allowed and copyright rests with Dr. Gurdal Ertek.

Thank you and best regards,
Gurdal Ertek