An expert system for supporting strategic business decisions

October 5, 2017


Strategic Business
Graphical form of customer based investigation resulted with Knowledge to Product pattern in knowledge category

This study presents a computerized rule based expert system that can be used by managers in the business world to increase their companies’ profitability. Specifically, we examined the profit-centred advices and the strategic business rules given in the “Profit Patterns” book written by well-known business thinker Adrian Slywotzky and his colleagues. One of our main contributions is that we have extracted advices on strategic management and created a prototype expert system based on this body of knowledge. Another contribution of our work is the visual object oriented methodology that we have followed: We first understood the profit patterns and then turned them into mind maps in an object oriented style. Then we transformed this structure into another object-oriented map, namely the “domain objects map” (DOM) that represents the entities in a business environment together with their attributes and attribute values. This map is then used in representing the rules for the expert system, including the advised profit patterns. We created another visual representation of the knowledge base by considering all the decision paths related with each category of decisions. For this, we extensively used the visual programming environment of commercial expert system development software. We came up with a computerized rule based expert system using Visirule by considering all decision paths related with each business category. Lastly the end result of the methodology is the rule-based decision support system that formed through Java. An important issue related with the book was that ideas explained in the book were limited to only seven categories; namely value chain, channel, customer, knowledge, mega, organization and product. In the future, other related categories concerning the business world (such as finance, marketing, etc.) can also be analyzed and embedded into the existing structure using the same methodology to effectively make suggestions regarding other decision domains in the business world.

Irdesel, I., Ertek, G., Beyhan, N. (2008) “An expert system for supporting strategic business decisions” . CELS 2008, Jönköping, Sweeden. (presented by Ilter Irdesel and Neslihan Beyhan).

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An Expert System For Supporting Strategic Business Decisions

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