Wind Turbine Accidents: A Data Mining Study

Wind Turbine Accidents: A Data Mining Study
Fig. 1. The cause-effect relationship and stages where an accident occurs.

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While the global production of wind energy is increasing, there exists a significant gap in the academic and practice literature regarding the analysis of wind turbine accidents. Our paper presents the results obtained from the analysis of 240 wind turbine accidents from around the world. The main focus of our paper is revealing the associations between several factors and deaths & injuries in wind turbine accidents. Specifically, the associations of death and injuries with the stage of the wind turbine’s life cycle (transportation, construction, operation, and maintenance) and the main cause factor categories (human, system/equipment, and nature) were investigated. To this end, we conducted a detailed investigation that integrates exploratory and statistical data analysis methods with data mining methods. The paper presents a multitude of insights regarding the accidents and discusses implications for wind turbine manufacturers, engineering and insurance companies, and government organizations.

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Asian, S., Ertek, G., Haksoz, C., Pakter, S. and Ulun, S., 2017. Wind turbine accidents: A data mining study. IEEE Systems Journal, 11(3), pp.1567-1578.

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