The topic of “research on wind turbine accidents” is a topic within wind energy, which is a green energy resource (meaning that it is sustainable). The significance of the topic can be deducted according to the following logical flow:

  1. Sustainability refers to not completely using up natural resources and not destroying them. Sustainability is important because as the world population grows, and consumption increases, the world’s natural sources are being destroyed at an increasing rate, bringing problems of global warming, pollution of air, water, and land, as well as ozone layer depletion. This is threatening the very future of the human race. According to Department of Environment, UK, sea levels will rise by over 0.4m by 2080, and 3 billion people will be affected throughout the world. Especially countries in Northern Africa, Middle East, Indian subcontinent, and poorest countries will be affected most.
  2. Green energy technologies (wind energy, solar energy, etc.) are important, because as more and more non-renewable fossil fuels are consumed, entropy-related problems, such as pollution and global warming, inevitably increased. If environmental pollution is low and mostly renewable energy sources are used, then the Earth will remain relatively stable, allowing a low-entropy ecosystem to survive and prosper.
  3. Wind energy is important, because it is one of the most “green” energy technologies to this date. The potential commercially viable wind energy on earth is estimated to be 72 terawatts. As the world demand for energy and renewable energy is growing, so is the popularity of wind energy and wind turbines.
  4. Wind turbine accidents are important, because they can result in not only economic loss, but even more importantly loss of life or injury of humans [4]. While wind energy industry and the installation of wind turbines are growing, there is comparably little discussion of the possible shortcomings of this energy source, and much less discussion of wind turbine accidents. Even though wind turbine manufacturers, owners, and contractors have data about their own operations, they do not share the accident data publicly, probably not only due to confidentiality, but also not to damage the general positive public perception on renewable energy and wind energy.
  5. Finally, research on wind turbine accidents is important, because there is a significant gap in the academic literature and business literature with respect to a fact-based, data-driven understanding and assessment of wind turbine accidents.