About Ertek Projects

Dr. Gurdal Ertek, with more than 25 years of education and experience in science, engineering, business, and teaching, has created Ertek Projects to hereby share his professional experience and know-how.

Through ErtekProjects.com, visitors can gain access to research publications and data, online training, open source software and even Dr. Ertek’s own musical compositions. The centerpiece of the Ertek Projects website is Dr. Ertek’s research publications that include research abstracts and downloadable draft papers.

The topics of research publications range from data mining analysis of wind turbine accidents to analysis of supply chain perception gaps, from creation of new knowledge in strategic management through semantic networks to benchmarking of educational institutes. The industries covered include automotive, education, finance and banking, healthcare, retail, renewable energy. The methodologies covered include data envelopment analysis (DEA), association mining, graph visualization, machine learning, text mining, optimization, simulation, and statistics.

In the area of online training, Dr. Ertek and his colleagues offer modules for self-development of business professionals. Educational modules shared in Ertek Projects include Orange Data Mining Software Tutorial, Warehouse Management Educational Materials, Concept Mapping Tutorial, Omniscope Software Tutorial, OPL Studio Software Tutorial, Lekin Scheduling Software Tutorial and many more.

Rounding out the Ertek Projects online experience are Open Decisions, sharing open source software projects of Dr. Ertek and colleagues, a link to a website dedicated to research and data on wind turbine accidents and links to blogs in the Turkish language that focus on data science, international education and living as an expat, and motivating university students.

The name “Gurdal,” in Turkish, means “tree with many splendored branches,” so the Ertek Projects logo is visually bolstered by fruits…fruits which are representative of the projects Dr. Gurdal Ertek is involved in. The fruits are orange and citrus fruits, which are the native fruits of Dr. Ertek’s hometown of Tarsus, in the Turkish province of Mersin. The color orange also represents sincerity, friendliness, openness, dynamism and change, which symbol some of the character traits of Dr. Gurdal Ertek.

Dr. Gurdal Ertek

With his vast experience in Industrial Engineering, Management Science, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Gurdal Ertek has amassed many experiences, some of which are summarized below:

  • More than 25 years of education and experience in industrial engineering and management science
  • More than 20 years of teaching experience at the university level (including apprenticeship during undergraduate study)
  • More than 15 years of in-depth experience in data analytics
  • More than 25 years of exposure to statistics and data visualization
  • More than 50 academic publications covering various fields and industries

Dr. Ertek’s career background includes:

  • Ph.D. from the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology (top Industrial Engineering program in the U.S.A. for the last 25 years)
  • Visiting Scientist at SIMTech (Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology)
  • Fulbright Scholarship recipient (one of only 15 among 500 applicants from Turkey; one of two recipients in Industrial Engineering)
  • Alumni of Kabatas Erkek Lisesi Highschool, Bogazici University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Sabanci University, SIMTech, AUM, and Rochester Institute of Technology (Dubai Campus).