Evaluation of E-Learning Web Sites Using Fuzzy Axiomatic Design Based Approach

High quality web site has been generally recognized as a critical enabler to conduct online business. Numerous studies exist in the literature to measure the business performance in relation to web site quality. In this paper, an axiomatic design based approach for fuzzy group decision making is adopted to evaluate the quality of e-learning web sites. Another multi-criteria decision making technique, namely fuzzy TOPSIS, is applied in order to validate the outcome. The methodology proposed in this paper has the advantage of incorporating requirements and enabling reductions in the problem size, as compared to fuzzy TOPSIS. A case study focusing on Turkish e-learning websites is presented, and based on the empirical findings, managerial implications and recommendations for future research are offered.

Büyüközkan, G. and Arsenyan, J. and Ertek, G. (2010).“Evaluation of e-learning web sites using fuzzy axiomatic design based approach.” International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems, 3 (1). pp. 28-42.

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Evaluation of E-Learning Web Sites Using Fuzzy Axiomatic Design Based Approach

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