Simulation Modeling for Quality and Productivity in Steel Cord Manufacturing

September 16, 2017
Production Processes in Steel Cord Manufacturing
Production Processes in Steel Cord Manufacturing

We describe the application of simulation modeling to estimate and improve quality and productivity performance of a steel cord manufacturing system. We describe the typical steel cord manufacturing plant, emphasize its distinguishing characteristics, identify various production settings and discuss applicability of simulation as a management decision support tool. Besides presenting the general structure of the developed simulation model, we focus on wire fractures, which can be an important source of system disruption.

Turkseven, C.H., and Ertek, G. (2003). “Simulation modeling for quality and productivity in steel cord manufacturing,” in Chick, S., Sánchez, P., Ferrin,D., and Morrice, D.J. (eds.). Proceedings of 2003 Winter Simulation Conference. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Piscataway, New Jersey.

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Simulation Modeling For Quality And Productivity In Steel Cord Manufacturing

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