The world demand for energy is expected to grow by more than two-thirds over the period 2011-2035.

The share of renewable energy sources in total power generation is expected to rise from 20% in 2011 to 31% in 2035,and renewables are expected to eventually surpass gas and coal and become the primary energy source in the world.

While wind energy industry and the installation of wind turbines are growing, the drawbacks of wind energy are not always considered and evaluated. One particular problem with wind energy is wind turbine accidents. Wind turbine accidents include a multitude of ways in which wind turbines fail due to mechanical problems, nature, or humans.

Our earlier research (Asian et al. 2017; Ertek et al. 2017) presented the results we obtained from the analysis of 240 wind turbine accidents from around the world. Our main motivation to conduct a comprehensive analysis of wind turbine accidents is the significance of their occurrence as well as the variety of negative impacts they impose. They can result not only in technical failures and financial losses, but also and more importantly, human deaths and injuries.

We also are motivated to establish a platform that evaluates and assesses wind turbine accidents in an objective and scientific manner. Wind energy has a long history and is here to stay for a sustainable future for the humankind. We hope that this website serves this goal and contributes to quality of human life through better design and operation of wind turbines throughout the world.